Here are the vital statistics for human civilisation on the planet.

These simple numbers are what you get when the latest scientific data and basic principles of common sense are put together.

Cut11Percent informs every nation of the world of the emission cuts that are required to achieve to remain under a 1.5°C and 2°C temperature rise.

The reductions are per capita, they start from today, and they must happen every year.

These numbers are rooted in the remaining global carbon budget for both 1.5°C and 2°C heating. They are updated annually in response to the scientific data.

Who really knows if we are on track to safeguard the future of human civilisation?

How can we hold governments to account if we do not know where we are up to?

COVID has the “R number” that guides policy making. We understand the importance of clarity and science for disease…

Why is there no clear index for climate change?

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Why Cut11Percent?

The number 11% is purely symbolic. What really matters are each nations individual number, for both 1.5C and 2°C heating.

However, there are two important reasons why we chose the symbolic number 11% in our name.

Firstly, because “cut emissions” is far too general as a demand. There is a real carbon budget that is well understood by science and we should make specific, clear and accountable commitments.

Secondly, when this platform was established back in 2018, the Very High Developed nations of the world needed to reduce their emissions by 11% per year on average, starting immediately. They are the biggest emitters, the wealthiest and the healthiest; and they have the resources to get us all onto the right path.

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Seen the numbers? Understood the science? Good start! For real change to happen, we now need your action! Together we can collectively create awareness, to hold our governments to account and ultimately embed the numbers into our democratic system. Spread the Cut11Percent numbers!

The Numbers

Discover your nation’s carbon emissions percentage needed to globally stay below a 1.5°C and 2°C temperature rise target.

The Science

How does Cut11Percent work? Check out the science behind the Cut11Percent numbers. Courtesy of Homo Sapiens Foundation.

The Academy

To share our science and knowledge in a systemic and sustainable way, our numbers are taught at the Climate Academy.

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