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Michael Wadleigh

Scientist, activist.

Founder Homo sapiens Foundation:

Birgit van Munster

Biologist, Activist.

Founder Homo sapiens Foundation:

Matthew Pye

Philosophy Teacher, Author,

Climate Change Thought leader.


This platform provides climate leaders and students with the vital statistics behind climate change.

It enables everyone to take action and demand laws that are informed by reality.

Cut11Percent is grounded on the authoritative work of the scientists in the Homo Sapiens Foundation.

These crucial numbers are carried into the public space by students through demonstrations, media, journalism and events.

The core group of students advocating for the Right to Know this reality are members of the Climate Academy, founded by Philosophy teacher and author, Matthew Pye.

We strongly believe that citizens need to demand systemic change, not simply engage in individual actions.

We have laws to protect us from violence and laws toxic pizzas… why do we not have a law to protect us from the collapse of the ecosystems that our lives are rooted in?

We invite people to join in our call for a focused, holistic response to the crisis.

The Numbers

Discover your nation’s carbon emissions percentage needed to globally stay below a 1.5°C and 2°C temperature rise target.

The Science

How does Cut11Percent work? Check out the science behind the Cut11Percent numbers. Courtesy of Homo Sapiens Foundation.

The Academy

To share our science and knowledge in a systemic and sustainable way, our numbers are thought at the Climate Academy.

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